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When you're on the go, it's difficult to always keep up with laundry. Sometimes, you might have to take a quick trip without the convenience of a washer and dryer. That's when ExOfficio travel underwear comes in handy. It's quick-drying, breathable, and anti-microbial, so you can make sure your clothes stay fresh and smell better.
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The ExOfficio Boxer Brief: 2 Styles

ExOfficio has 2 main categories of underwear, the Give N Go 2.0, and the Give N Go 2.0 Sport Mesh. The key difference between them being their construction and design. With the mesh you can expect greater support and a snug fit that hugs close to your body. With the traditional Give N Go 2.0 you will notice more freedom and room for your privates. Overall both models have similar (though not identical) fabric content, both primarily made out of moisture wicking nylon with a touch of elastane (aka Spandex) for elasticity.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Men’s Give-N-Go 2.0 Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief

ExOfficio Give N Go underwear design is now in it’s second generation, denoted by the 2.0 in the name.

FABRIC: Blend of 90% nylon and 10% elastane (aka spandex). This synthetic fabric blend is light, quick-drying, moisture-wicking and has some sort of anti-microbial treatment that reduces odor causing bacteria so you can stay crisp all day long. The fabric is akin to an ultra-fine jersey mesh, and it does have great airflow and breathability. We considered the temperature control about on par with the SuperFit (formerly Cool Breeze) line by Pair of Thieves.

CONSTRUCTION: It has a traditional vertical fly. The interior has flatlock seams, which means it will contour easier to your legs and is less likely to chafe.

WAISTBAND: A fairly standard soft, elastic waistband that’s effective at keeping the boxers from rearranging too much as you go about your travels. It’s a perfectly fine, comfortable waistband. Our only complaint is that heavily they stitched a tag into it (albeit the tag is very soft), instead of having something easy to rip off. The thicker blue tag is silky smooth and attached on both ends so you could use it to hang dry the briefs from a clothing line with some string.

COMFORT: The Sport Mesh Give-N-Go boxer brief has a very comfortable fit, thanks largely to it’s snug fitting fabric and flatlock seam construction. It easily outranks traditional cotton underwear in terms of comfort and support. It’s now one of our personal top two choices for hiking underwear because of how few issues we’ve had with the 6″ leg length riding up.

OVERALL: These travel-friendly boxer briefs are so comfortable and perfect for traveling, the gym, the office, or just lounging around. And because these are made from quick-drying materials, they are the ideal solution for travelling light. The anti-microbial treatment also keeps you fresher for longer. Great choice for those on the go or traveling light.

The ExOfficio Classic vs Sport Mesh

We find the Sport Mesh fabric to be superior to the classic Ex Officio boxers which contain 89% nylon and 11% elastane. Even though the classic contains 1% more elastane, the construction of the sports version just seems to cling closer to the body and provide more support.

How does the Give N Go 2.0 compare to other boxer briefs?

There aren’t any solid luxury options in ExOfficio men’s or women’s underwear lines, meaning that if you are looking for the heavenly softness of modal or micromodal fabric then you will want to stick to traditional luxury brands like Calvin Klein or the Second Skin line by Tommy John.

Now if you’re coming from normal underwear, like cotton boxer shorts, then you’ll most likely agree that these synthetic underwear have greater softness. We just want to highlight that the nylon fabric blend doesn’t quite rank as high on the softness scale as modal.

As far as prints, they can’t really compete with the cute partner-matching underwear design options from MeUndies or the bold artistic styles with Saxx or Stance (not to mention the ball hammocks!).

Is it worth it to buy ExOfficio underwear?

If you are going on a trip where you will be doing a lot of walking or hiking, then ExOfficio’s Give N Go 2.0 or Sport Mesh boxer briefs might be for you. These underwear are highly effective at wicking away moisture and they are also quick drying. They are not only durable, but also breathable, super comfortable, and don’t hold odor easily. Some might consider these a bit pricey, but I’d consider it a fair price for the value of good travel underwear. Is it worth it? That’s up to you and your pocketbook to decide!


What is travel clothing? How is it special?

Travel boxers and travel panties are pretty much like your normal everyday wear undies, except they’re going to have a focus on quick-dry materials (which comes in handy for example when you’re washing them in a sink while backpacking and hang-drying them overnight). They also are going to focus on breathability to help reduce the sweat and odor that are a natural part of being on the go.

Why do I need quick dry underwear?

One trick for packing ultra-light while backpacking is to only bring 2 pair of underwear. The rationale is you have one to wear and one to wash that you alternate between. It’s not uncommon for backpackers or campers to hang dry their underwear on a line overnight, so they want to be sure that the next morning they’ve got something dry to wear.

What’s their shipping policy?

At the time of this writing, they only offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more, which generally would be about 2 pairs of boxer briefs at the standard price. Can you return them? They most likely will offer you a free return, as long as they were purchased from the official website and are unused, unwashed, and in their original condition with tags attached. Also, they wont accept a return on final sale products, which are going to have a price ending in .97.

Can you return them?

They most likely will offer you a free return, as long as they were purchased from the official website and are unused, unwashed, and in their original condition with tags attached. Also, they wont accept a return on final sale products, which are going to have a price ending in .97.

Take note that they don’t offer any version of a comfort guarantee that many of the underwear-only companies have.

Do they have any sales/discounts/coupons?

You want to be careful when purchasing ExOfficio products to make sure that you’re getting the version you want. We’ve seen sales on major distributor website that discount the Give N Go original version heavily, just make sure you realize if you’re getting the latest 2.0 version or the original design.

Where to buy?

Join the ExOfficio travel underwear revolution by purchasing directly on their website, or in person at certain retailers such as Walmart or REI.

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